It’s a Freebie!

For a limited time I am offering a free audit that will give you everything you need to know about your competitors. 

This competitor analysis provides information on your competitor’s:

Branding, website traffic, online adverts, SEO, Content and Social media.

What to expect: This report normally takes 24 -48 hours to complete, it’s length is dependent on what information is available. Ideally I like to run this report using 3 of your competitors. I ask that you provide your main competitor’s domain and 2 other domains for review and a PDF version of this report will be provided

Using competitors to your advantage

This is a tool to make your own site and branding better, and is not anything to be nervous of. My methods will give you a basic picture of who your competitors are and benchmarks and ideas to apply to your own business. Even better, you’ll start seeing some opportunities and spaces for your own strategy.

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