Amy - you’ve done an absolutely smashing job. I’m completely blown away by how awesome the new website is. Thank you so so much for all your hard work. It’s better than I ever dreamed it could be.
— Noomi Yates, Eight Agency
Amy was recommended to me as a talented web designer who is easy to work with. I found both of these to be true. She was patient and gave great insights into my web re-design. I am really happy with the rebrand of my website and I have had fantastic feedback from clients too.
— Steph Cutler
The Grow Bristol team loved working with Amy and her output for us transformed the image and marketing of our enterprise and helped us create a very special local brand which continues to work as we scale up. Amy is very professional, friendly and an all-round pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing to work with her.
— Dermot O'Regan, co-founder Grow Bristol CIC
Amy is a joy to work with as a designer. She’s full of good visual ideas and everything she designs is done with flair, attention to detail, and on time. She is also equally adept at working for print as well as for digital, something that is very important for what we do
— David, Languages Direct Ltd
Amy embraces projects with a warm and positive attitude. She has strong skills to create materials based on the ideas that the client expresses. She remains committed and provides a high level of service also in everyday tasks
— Richard Fredin, Vigmed
Amy is dedicated to whatever you ask of her. She is naturally proactive, thoughtful, very hardworking and a generous person. Amy in confident is her work and utilises her skills efficiently and faultlessly
— Sam Fountain, Shewee
Amy consistently meets deadlines, manages her projects efficiently and contibutes to the growth of the company. Her approach to work is intelligent, motivated and demonstrates an aptitude for learning new skills and techniques with speed and confidence
— Jonathan May, Corioliss